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 so pro...

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Gangbang Style

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PostSubject: Re: so pro...   Sat 25 Jun 2016, 5:01 pm

Zigy/w00t!: well im not sure if i like stabbing...
Zigy/w00t!: ..yet
Zigy/w00t!: Razz
ParaPeet: give it a try!
ParaPeet: you will never know if you dont try
Zigy/w00t!: well i do sometimes in work like to pretend im stabbing someone when i have to cut through cardboard xD
Zigy/w00t!: thats kinda cool
ParaPeet: you monster :-o
Zigy/w00t!: hey hey im human like you
Zigy/w00t!: but my right arm is more tanned than my right one Razz
ParaPeet: yeh
Zigy/w00t!: *driver problems*
ParaPeet: makes sense
ParaPeet: reread what you said :-o you are doing EVERYTHING wrong!
Zigy/w00t!: ohhhhh
Zigy/w00t!: my
Zigy/w00t!: goooodddd
Zigy/w00t!: left more thanned than right
Zigy/w00t!: tanned*
Zigy/w00t!: damn
Zigy/w00t!: cant write to save my life
ParaPeet: "oh hello, I am w00t. I am human just like you. I am not a monster at all but I have 2 right arms"
Zigy/w00t!: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zigy/w00t!: FU xD
ParaPeet: lmao
ParaPeet: that was funny as fuck though Very Happy

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- Giver o' Titles -
- Giver o' Titles -

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PostSubject: Re: so pro...   Sat 25 Jun 2016, 7:48 pm

2 right arms, huh? Interesting...

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so pro...
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