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- Giver o' Titles -

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PostSubject: Cup information   Cup information EmptyTue 06 Mar 2012, 2:12 pm

So far, we have 16 points.


    105 - 11 MarchBreak In This Round0:0 (0 pts)
    212 - 18 March*Sneaky*Bastards2:1 (2pts)
    319 - 25 MarchPANDA32:0 (3pts)
    426 March - 01 April[ERA]0:2 (0pts)
    502 - 08 April/SF/2:0 (3pts)
    609 - 15 April3M0:2 (0pts)
    716 - 22 April130:2 (0pts)
    823 - 29 AprilTwT2:0 (3pts)
    930 April - 06 MayRSQT0:0 (0 pts)
    1007 - 13 MaypTs2:1 (2pts)
    1114 - 20 MayR2
    1221 - 27 Maymi3
    1328May - 2 June[IS]


Server IP:
Server password: osrc2

  • Every clan has to refresh their clandb entry so it will be true to the current clan status, also every clanleader has to post here any new clanmember who joined their clan after event has started
  • Minimum allowed players per team during game is 3
  • When there is more than 3 players on server, minimum required is 4
  • Maximum allowed players per team during game is 5
  • During the event , each Clan has 1 week ( 7 days ) deadline to play their matches
  • Fixtures and League lists will be given after the sign-up's will be finished
  • All played games will be ranked : in RAILONLY Ranked Section



  • Punkbuster: 1
  • Pure: 1
  • Timelimit: 15
  • Fraglimit: 0
  • Friendly Fire: 0
  • xp_spawnSystem: 3
  • xp_suddendeath: 1
  • xp_matchmode: 1
  • xp_antyCamp: 1


  • cl_timenudge: 0
  • seta rate: 25000
  • snaps between 40 and 125
  • cl_maxpackets between 60 and 125




    Map pick procedures:
  • One player from each team pummels on q3dm6 quad area, the winner decides who will pick map first.
  • Once that has been decided Clan A picks a map, Clan B picks a map.
  • A map can not be played twice in the same game.
  • If a tie-breaker is needed, the clan with the most score decides who starts dropping maps.
  • In cases where both clans have equal amount of frags, one player from each team will pummel over the right to decide which team starts eliminating maps.
  • The teams eliminate one map each turn until there is only one map left, which will be used as the tie-breaker.



  • Match won 2 - 0 = 3 points
  • Match won 2 -1 = 2 points
  • Match won by WO = 3 points
  • Match lost 0 - 2 = 0 points
  • Match lost 1 - 2 = 1 points
  • Match lost by WO = -2 points



  • In ths Event Clans play one Clanwar until 2 won maps.
  • Referee is needed
  • Simply visit public forums and create a post.
  • If no official Referee availble, the clans can search for another neutral player.
  • if a match isnt played within deadline there will be a WO.
  • if a clan doesnt reply = WO [use forums].
  • if a clan doesnt show up after 30 mins after set time = WO [Time set on forums].
  • if clan quits the event, every previous and further games will be considered as lost by WO.
  • Loosing 2 games by WO in a row will succeed removing from the event.
  • Match winner must make a post - match report ( screenshots, etc ).
  • Each clan has the right to take 2 timeouts per maps unless oponnent allows more.
  • Every player who take a part in event has to play under official clan tag.
  • Every player who take a part in event has to be prepaired to play with pb and pure.
  • Trial members of a Clan are not allowed to play a clanwar in this event.
  • Cheating and multiclaning is not allowed, Clans need to check enterys.
  • Prooven multiclaning or cheating = Clan is out of the event.
  • Clan Leader is responsible for Team, he need to take care who is allowed to play and who`s not.
  • If a Team has broken the rules and won, then the much must be Replayed.
  • Both Teams have to plan a Replay of the Match in 1 week.
  • Date of post in "New Clan Members" counts as Date to join.
  • All games must be played before start of next round
  • If game is not played, clan that not show up before end of round will lose game by WO
  • If both clans don't arrange clan war before deadline both clans will receive yellow Card
  • If one clan have 2 yellow cards for not showing up, it ll be kicked from CUP
  • All clan make mistakes will be punished with yellow Card
  • Two yellow cards - Kicked from cup
  • When posting Clan war results, required is to post in Name of topic number of Round



  • Every match must be played under control of a referee.
  • Clans have to arrange with a referee, or post war details @ forums.
  • Referee can`t be referee match, if he`s a member of one of the clans participating in this match.
  • Referee should sort all problems on the server and record the mvds during the match.
  • Clans have to listen to Referee's orders and can't start the match untill Referee allows to.
  • Clans have the duty to give the Referee the /ref password on the chosen server.
  • If a Clan recruits player during the Cup. The player is not able to play for the next 1 match.

Source: http://www.meinspielplan.de/plan/tNcd5K?a=dates

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Cup information
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