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 Play the BASEQ3A 1.16n Tournament for winning prices :)

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PostSubject: Play the BASEQ3A 1.16n Tournament for winning prices :)   Sun 28 Aug 2011, 2:29 am

Jow Fellaz

Are u Guys ready to play some 1v1 baseq3 typed actions for wining prices?
Everyone can play who wants to play and we are happy to see everyone there
if noob or proplayer it doesnt matter ^^.

U can win:

1st: 3 Month Q3 1.11-1.16n Noghost Server sponsored by UFK (eu placed)
2nd: Quake 3 Arena Tested Gaming mouse from a4tech (x710bh)
3rd: Quake 3 Arena Slim Fit Tshirt in black with bloody Q3 logo on the
front and nickname and Place on the back.

Supported maps are:


The Tournament Starts on 09.09.2011 and will have a own3d.tv Livestream !
All games played on : |VQ3-Baseq3a-Tournament| IP:
so have a look on the server before u register!
( Register here: http://challonge.com/tournament/signup/rch5qeiufm )
For more informations about players Rankings and Prices visit the website or add
Xfire: rauhfasertapete (Kiffen!). Or join IRC: Quakenet #baseq3a

We hope someone of u guys would like to play even when its allweapon xD
(remember when people are pucking when i talk about Noghost allweapons)
but hell there is nothin to loose for u Very Happy Just something to win Smile

Have a nice day
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Play the BASEQ3A 1.16n Tournament for winning prices :)
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