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PostSubject: Rulz   Rulz EmptyFri 08 Oct 2010, 12:54 pm

Each team will have its own topic. These teams gotta post the screenshots of every match they play versus other teams.

Regular Season:

-everybody plays with everyone, so basically 6 matches each.
-we use the scoring rule as looser 0, draw 1 and winner 3.
-in the end, the first 4 teams goes to the playoffs and the last 3 goes to the playout


-since there are 4 teams, the first team in the season plays with the 4th one and the 2nd team plays with the 3rd one.
-the finals will be between the winners of these 2 matches.


-the last 3 teams can play a match vs. eachother
-the one who has more points is on the 5th place
-the one who has the less points is on the 7th place

So in the end everyone will play 8 matches in total.

Each team will have its own unique nqe tag. Be creative.

Of course, good luck and have fun all.

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