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PostSubject: C* vorg   C* vorg EmptyTue 10 Aug 2010, 12:47 am

so again its not me who is posting this being just paranoid (many even including this clan members would still think i am until someone confirms) or only one who sees hax there


demo vorg vs love dm7 4v4 09.08.2010 C* server

i fixed scores unfortunately dont have times:

3:7 - wallshot
4:8 - wallshot
6:9 - 2 walls shots in BH in the middle of the wall to enemy on other side in red
7:9 - wallshot
7:10 - UPS i forgot to turn out af and shot bodies, then pretended i am shooting them for fun
8:11 - wallshot
8:12 - wallshot
10:13 - AF on body
13:14 - AF on body
13:14 - wallaiming to me from Upper, after af in upper shooting 2 enemy with flicks
14:15 - AF @ yellow - first shooting melt while turning, then deciding to shoot it on bounce. after goes to RL and slow that down - notice corsshair movement around the melt so that AF dont go off again.
15:15 - middle first shooting 1 enemy then aiming on wall for other but AF goes off on melt and he shoots in the middle of wall
17:15 - 2 times shoots bodies, also passes 2 melts in mega while camping in upper - DONT USE TEAM OVERLAY
19:15 - AF on body
20:16 - AF on body
21:16 - AF on body
21:17 vorg @ red first ups i forgot to turn off AF shoots melt (kind of separates them) but then he shoots them again and when its 22:17 he again shoots body. Then hit middle of post trying to shoot just spawned enemy (ups af still on), then he still tries to shoot it while 1 more enemy comes from BH - here slow down and you will notice that he shoots not on one in RED but one in BH STILL BEHIND THE FUCKING WALL!!!!


ip will follow soon
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PostSubject: Re: C* vorg   C* vorg EmptyTue 10 Aug 2010, 8:53 am

Clear as day.

C* vorg Leeds-united-movin-on-up
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